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Feb 2011

Watch Jeff at Edmonton TV

Today Jeff was guest on Edmonton CityTV. Beside an interview he also played Riverland Rambler and Queens Of the Spades.

Watch the Clip by clicking here.


  1. MightyAC

    Great stuff! Can’t wait to see the band here in ON.

  2. Jenny Kreutzkamp

    Wow!! Excellent interview!! The energy from the host was so good!! And Jeff…Man U KNOW you ROCK baby!! Pretty much lost it when he said ” I was born with the package” Good answer man!! :)

  3. Joanne Swinford

    i was just thinking the same!! They were so pumped and excited and i feel it was an accurate reflection of the awesomeness of jeffs work..a well deserved recognition of sorts!!. love the ‘Queen of Spades’..this interview got me even more excited about his Australian tour!!

  4. Joanne Swinford

    oh, and fully agree on those ‘bedroom’ eyes!!

  5. Jenny Kreutzkamp

    And he can scream out “TEMPTATION” any time he damn well wants!! :)

  6. Tim L

    Really lovin’ the new stuff so far… can’t wait to hear the studio versions!!!

  7. Bree Di Mattina

    So great to see the hosts so excited to see Jeff. And yes the ‘package’ answer was hilarious.

  8. Timothy Lyons

    Lol.. it was a bit more than I needed to know! :^)

  9. mingsybob

    wow love that riff of queens of spades

  10. Steve

    I agree, the riff in Queen Of The Spades rocks.

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