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  1. TheRedCoat

    Jeff!! Saw your show last night on the River in Buffalo. I love you and your dedication to revealing your soul. You NEVER let me down. I wish you the best for the rest of your tour.

  2. Piet

    .. after the promise in 2010 ‘i’ll be back very soon’ and a canceled concert in 2011 (followed by and another promise) we are still waiting -we, the fans in greece!

    more and more friends/fans say, that jeff has spend enough time now in australia and canada … ;)

    seriously: what´s up, jeff?

    cheers, piet

  3. angelalala

    i had a mini orgasm when i heard jeff from the tea party was coming to my town of brandon manitoba. only to be let down that it was jeff the drummer and hes playing in crash karma. soooo sad now.. i was gunna call in sick for work to see jeff martin ! he is pretty amazing but im still waiting for my dream to come true. tear now back to reality for the day :( please come to brandon devil man !

  4. kartguy1

    saw Tea Party @ The Commodore in Vancouver this summer, AWESOME, one of the best performances and show ever, THANK YOU

  5. kartguy1

    Hope all is well, how is the new Tea Party album coming, REALLY looking forward to it and a new tour. Thank you.

  6. SarahB

    Saw you in Toronto last week- you were just amazing as always. I always leave and have dreams about you for weeks afterwards. Hope that doesnt’ sound creepy- but obviously you do something to me, and you get into my subconcious!

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