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Feb 2011

Live at Shaw TV

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Yesterday, Jeff made a stop over at Shaw TV to play an acoustic version of Riverland Rambler, a new song from his upcoming album The Ground Cries Out.

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  1. Ryan M. Moore

    Can’t wait ’till you hit THUNDER BAY!!

  2. writings on the wall

    ramble on !!

  3. Amanda Kippen

    yes Perth Western Australia:) I think I will have to buy an alarm clock I keep missing the radio interviews. Can’t wait to see you guys in May:)

  4. faith76able

    Jeff Martin @ the Flytrap 21/01/12
    A BIAS Review by Michelle Hamer

    Sitting in a cramped intimate room full to the brim waiting for Jeff to come on the heat inside the room was incredible thinking I would not be able to last long for lack of air. Jeff casually enters the room along with his percussionist Malcolm Clark from 777.
    The intense heat was soon forgotten by all from the minute Jeff picked up the 12 string and opened his mouth.

    Jeff belted out tunes with a look in his eye as if he were a man possessed totally committed. His voice as always never failed to deliver pitch perfect every time and his guitar playing is second to none. He would as he always manages to do start with a classic Tea Party song then intertwine a Zep, Doors, NIN song into the mix without hardly noticing the transition. His version of Kashmir he nailed as he seems to have left his mark on this Led Zeppelin classic and made it into something of his own.
    The shift in the crowds energy when he sang Coming Home and Messenger were noticeable not a still body in the room! Songs were performed from his Tea Party days to Jeff Martin 777 with hardly a break for a bit of a breather. Riverland Rambler from the album The Ground Cries Out was done with such energy I thought the slide was going to burn his finger!
    All of this was done with borrowed guitars from fellow musicians and friends including John Butler as Jeffs guitars had not made it over from Byron which is now where he resides, even Jeff’s son DJango’s new Maton a ½ size made an appearance on stage and was played effortlessly. A few broken strings through out the night but it didn’t stop Jeff from doing what he was there to do and that is play sing and entertain the crowd.
    Malcolm Clark his percussionist from 777 was exceptionally good Malcolm and Jeff’s chemistry made for an amazing sound nothing more was needed on the stage.
    So in summing this up for you all and I am a huge fan of Jeff’s so am bias I can say that as hot as it was in that tiny room I was once again totally mesmerised by Jeff who never seems to fail to deliver an outstandingly raw intense totally committed performance every time. He truly is one uniquely gifted musician.

    Shell xxx

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