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  1. dianeharvey

    Please Jeff come to Montreal and Quebec wecan’t wait seeing hearing you
    I really taste you my body
    Diane Harvey
    diangesh on Youtube

  2. davethom

    Wondering when you may be touring again in Australia, Cheers for now.

  3. April-Anna

    Please come to Montreal in 2012! I very much wish to see you and TP perform again, but I hear that maybe it will be 2013 when you come to Montreal again? I wish so much I could see you guys perform this summer! It would be heaven on earth… I love your concerts, so much fun, the music makes me feel really alive, & inspired!

  4. angelalala

    Wassap lil devil, come back to canada.

    • angelalala

      manitoba come to manitoba *does magical hand movements* ill buy u a beer

  5. telepathycouncil

    Hey Jeff Can you please come do a show in New Zealand. I love your music and it would be sooo inspirational to see you play live and hopefully meet you.

  6. theTexasTeaPartyfanatic

    Ok,just because the US didnt grasp the greatnes,doesnt mean the true, GOOD MUSIC lovers should suffer!!! Please let me see your show at least once more before I die!!! Im begging,so is my girl whom I turned into a fan!!!

  7. Euro

    I know its a long shot but any shows in Europe would be great. Munich, Milan, or even better the roman Arena in Verona. You could hang out at Juliet’s place and serenade the city from the balcony.


  8. LyndsayVanderstok

    Would you ever consider coming to the Northern Territory? Darwin is the capital and I don’t live there but I will travel to see you again. Of course, you could always come to my town and do a concert for me! ;-) I’m a photographer now and would die happy if I could meet and photograph you. Consider it a holiday! :-)

  9. kartguy1

    Will The Tea Party be touring Canada in 2013 and will there be dates in B.C. A must see band. Thank you.

  10. Laura74

    Will you be doing any concerts around the London, Ontario area? I can’t wait to see you guys again!

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