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  1. pivo77

    Dude, tour uk!

    • jacqui

      Please come to the UK…fellow Canadian(Vancouver) travelling over here…what a dream and experience that would would be…your a gifted angel!

  2. Andre

    Man its been about a year since i saw you, and you and band were to say the least c’est formidable. When you are able come back to this little quiet corner of country Victoria and play, play, play. Oh and take some time out with some soulmates.

  3. Andre

    Get in touch with Nelephant Productions, she is the main booking agent for around here, and a wonderful las to say the least.

  4. Andre

    Check the main man from Senegal Jali Buba out. 23 strings of magic and jamming. Right here in country vic. Think about it

  5. crbema

    Please come to the UK. We need you.

  6. leesay

    The Byron Blues Fest needs you!

  7. Rosie Haigh

    What happened to the Australian Tea Party Tour ? I thought it was going to be early 2012. We miss you Jeff ! xxx

  8. Misty Ray

    It would be awesome if you could play at The House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio. :D

  9. Koikkari

    Jeff, any city in Europe. We have a bunch of people coming to your concert.

  10. Michael Horrigan

    Please let me know when The Tea Party are touring Australia.

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