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Mar 2011

The Ground Cries Out Video

We are happy to share the video of the title track with you:


  1. Aureole Pyre


  2. Amanda Kippen

    Very cool vid, luv the effects and costumes, worth the wait:)

  3. A Kaleidoscope of awesomeness visually and musically love the whole package very trippy!!!!!!!

  4. faith76able

    A Kaleidoscope of mastery on every level very trippy and very cool…….

  5. Excelllent.

  6. Erin Allen

    I especially love the sly smile at the end.

  7. Molly Earles Brewer

    SO glad this vid is back up! LOVE it!

  8. Marylou Clark

    Final copy looks spectacular Mal

  9. BlissVox5

    Have been waiting with anticipation, first impression ~ The Ground Cries Out ~ does not disappoint! Looking forward to checking out the rest of the album. BTW gorgeous looking website! Will definetly be at the Brissy gig in May. Congrats Jeff!

  10. trinity22

    This video does it for me after the time marker – 2:00; best part being from 3:00 – 4:00 before that it’s quite old passe – too long of an intro and I almost lost interest in the first minute..but I stuck around to see the first video of JM777.

    In short – I like it.. needed more editing perhaps.. it could have been more powerful.

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