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Mar 2011

Jeff visited Power97

Jeff Martin appeared live in studio with Casey on the Power Drive. He sang his song Riverland Rambler from his new album The Ground Cries Out.

Listen to the full interview here.


  1. Amelia George

    I love u jeff martin…ur the sexiest man in the world!! Ur voice makes my heart melt!!!! Come to London, Ontario

  2. BLISS.

  3. Molly Earles Brewer

    Pestilences, earthquakes, wars and rumors of wars, Jeff Martin quotes Justin Bieber. Wasn’t there something in the book of Revelation about that? I think I better dust off my bible and start praying because Armageddon may indeed be upon us. ;)

  4. @Molly: ROTFLMFAO!!!

  5. Molly Earles Brewer

    I wouldn’t laugh if I were you, Brother. Pretty soon, we’ll both be asking “Where are we and why are we in this handbasket?” =D

  6. Molly Earles BrewerIt was the Whole “Justin Bieber Remark” that put Me into A Frenzied Roar.

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