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Mar 2011

Request Queen Of Spades

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Queen Of Spades has hit Australian radio stations. If you would like to support us, feel free to request the song on your radio station you like. A list of some Australian stations can be found here.

There are also a few days left to win a rare copy of the promo single. Enter the contest here.


  1. Kate Nutt

    You can also text jjj 1975 7555

  2. Kate Nutt
  3. I so wanna hear this on the j’s… I take a pledge to send a request every day, who else?

  4. Joanne Swinford

    i just did it then!!!

  5. Amanda Kippen

    yep I want to hear it on triple j 2. I sent a request this morning:) I will keep requesting aswell:)

  6. bought the cd last week. love it.

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