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Mar 2011

Give-away: Win a rare radio single

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Exclusively on this site you can win the rare Australian radio single “Queen Of Spades”. This CD is not available in stores! Tracklist: 01. Queen Of Spades 02. Ground Cries Out (radio edit)
To enter the contest, just become a member and leave a message under this post and tell us, what you think about the new album, The Ground Cries Out.

Contest ends on April, 2nd.


  1. Lullaby

    I get to follow that? Hmm… I’ll just say that I love the album. Please come back to AB soon!

  2. Amanda Kippen

    I love listening to this album. It is full of emotions and I love how the songs tell a story. It has a feel-good sexy feeling and at the same time a dark sadness to it. The Pyre is one of my favs love cranking it up loud wow…..1916 is very cool has a great beat and those keyboards towards the end sound very sexy would love to hear them more…..The drumming in Santeria sounds so intense and love the eerie guitars…..I love sitting back and chilling to Blue Mountain Sun once it got into my head it was a song I wanted to listen to over and over, so relaxing…..One Star in Sight is so beautiful, touches my heart I think it’s perfect!….The Queen of Spades has an awesome sound and Jeff’s vocals sound very powerful and sexy. Love it! This album makes me feel very happy especially when turned up VERY loud:) Keep on rocking!

  3. angelicaartuso

    I have be a fan since the tea party days and have followed you even after the out of the band. Your solo work was great and I have listen to it over and over. To the point were my husband got fed up even thou he is a fan Once again you have done it, created an album that gets better with ever play. You can tell that you were trying to go back to the your roots with some rock and fun. This album show us that you guys were just having fun and doing want you enjoy doing playing music. I do not believe that any thing you create can be bad. With ever album it just gets better and your talent improves. I love the song queen of spades and she leaving but like I said before with ever listen you get a new favorite, your voice as always is powerful and traps you need with every song. the band also did a great job, it’s real music with real drums and so on. keep on rocking and doing what you do best playing music!!

  4. halorez

    Still getting to know the album, but so far I am impressed. like any great album, it takes several listens to truly get to know and appreciate it properly… I’m getting there. So far the standout track for me is “The Cobra”. Wish you had come to Regina when you toured through this part of the country recently. : (Maybe next time?)

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