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Aug 2011

The Cobra video released

We are happy to share with you our new video for ‘The Cobra’ produced by RED TAPE PICTURES in Brisbane. ‘The Cobra’ is the second video from our latest album The Ground Cries Out.
Click the enlarge symbol to view the video in Full-Screen Modus.


  1. angelicaartuso

    An extraordinary video, stimulus all your senses . Impressive take on the song and terrific sound and music. Each project just gets develops into a work of art.

    • equilibrium

      The Tea Party’s songs was better, imho


    Hello Jeff Martin: my name is Atanasio, I am from Santiago Chile, and to say to you first that nothing, that you are an artistazo, an idol for my. Quite but quite your compositions, your voice, your music in general from ” The Tea Party and now You as soloist it is incredible. I also am a musician (baterista self-taught) and apart I have a Don that is the facility of creating music, but I make it alone with the voice at the moment of doing music (tarareando) and exactly my dream of creating music is with influences idúes, Arabic, Flemish with the mescla of the Rock as such … some day if I have the possibility of travelling to your country, the first thing that it would do would be to locate yourself and ojala to fulfill a dream of being with you and your musicians and sharing ideas in your tests, and that you apply my ideas in your topics. Indeed that serious a dream. Done reality … Good nothing mas that to say that you are the musician who fills my space of musical feelings in my life and who you are really all the million styles to that I have listened in bands and artists better of best friend..
    Cordial regards,
    José Atanasio Sergio Castañeda

  3. dianeharvey

    This is fantastic video, song is magic I love it sooo much. Thanks sharing dear Jeff

  4. Amanda Kippen

    I Miss 777 are u allowed to have an affair haha :)

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