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Sep 2011

Rave magazine article…

… about the current Whole Lotta Love tour and future plans with the Tea Party…

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  1. new Tea Party tracks…. this could be very delicious indeed!

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing you again at the Palais in Sin Kilda, Jeff! ㋡

  3. Jenny Kreutzkamp

    Dislike the thought of a four minute ” Kashmir” but LOVE the thought of Jeff playing ” Since I’ve been loving you” he would rock it so much..Take em all there Jeffery!! Get the LED out!! :)

  4. I don’t know if I will get a responce but I have wanted to see the Tea Party in concert since I was 15. I missed the opportunity to see you when you were in Ontario last. When are you guys coming back?

  5. Saw Jeff last Friday at Gosford for the Whole Lotta Love show, BRILLIANT. I took by 6 year old (yes thats right, she loves Led Zep and Jeff) and even got Jeff’s autograph afterwards. Just thought u would get a laugh outta this but she is going to take the programme (which Jeff signed for her) for news on Thursday

  6. Naomi Craike

    Aw I saw that! So cute for her :-)

  7. Jenny Kreutzkamp

    Nothing wrong with starting the youngin’s out early!! Very cool!! Jeff would seem so “beastly” to a litte thing like A gentle giant for sure!! :)

  8. No Jenny she loves him hehe. She is begging me to go to a proper Jeff show. Love to take her to Lizottes on Central Coast where we live but just cant swing it atm but knowing Jeff he will be back and hopefully can do it next time

  9. Joanne Swinford

    he loves he will be back :)

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