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Jun 2011

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What kind of release do you would like to see next? LP version of The Ground Cries Out? Live DVD? New studio album?

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What kind of release do you would like to see next?

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  1. Amanda Kippen

    do it all!!!!!!:)

  2. Jorge Balas


  3. Erin Tink

    How about the ARMADA LIVE DVD that you recorded and have been promising for ages.. Every time I ask I’m told it’s coming :(

  4. Amanda Kippen

    I would love to hear another 777 studio album but would love everything else too :)

  5. Samantha Lord

    I wonder if the picture of the LP is a hint? lol…..I would like to see all these things!

  6. Sherrie Marks

    New Studio Album!!!

  7. Rick Turner

    Im still hanging out for the live Armarda DVD from The Notes (brilliant performance) and 777 is still fresh enough to release a couple more singles (i.e ‘The Ground Cries Out’, ’1916′ or ‘Riverland Rambler’), do another rock tour before going into the studio to do a new album!

  8. Melanie Doyle

    The Groud Cries out must be released on LP. It would be epic on vinyl.

  9. Melanie Doyle

    I voted for ALL the options. You can never have enough good music :)

  10. Rosie Haigh

    I would cherish a live DVD so I can relive the “Jeff Martin” experience. Big Love to you Jeff.

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