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Feb 2011

Jeff Martin – Intimate Experience the Breakfast Edition

Want to have Jeff Martin play a couple of tunes JUST for you and a friend? Maybe have breakfast with him?

If so, enter the contest here.


  1. Miyoshi Nikki Dukic

    Any thing like this in Calgary? Or other contests/appearances?

  2. Does jeff eat breakfast ?

  3. James P

    Breakfast is for the weak. Jeff never needs to nourish himself.

  4. Doesn’t breakfast to a rockstar = a late lunch to the regualr folk.

  5. Naomi Craike

    I just thought the same thing when I read that … ‘Jeff’ and ‘breakfast’ don’t really sound right together …

  6. Libby Kinsela

    Oh no, Jeff and breakfast sounds delicious!

  7. Music and lots of black coffee definitely is a wholesome breakfast!

  8. Molly Earles Brewer

    I like the way you think, Jasmin. =)

  9. Would love to! Would have to hitch a ride from London later today and shack up tonight! Just give me a call! ;)

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