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Apr 2011

Jeff Martin and his words of wisdom….

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As a member of the community, you can now watch an exclusive video of Jeff’s private collection…. Enjoy!


  1. Listening to “The Ground Cries Out” as I type this….

  2. That’s kind of wild, what he said about red wine in the afternoon… I’ve ALWAYS described his voice as dark chocolate and red wine. Mmmm, yummy.

  3. Help

  4. Naomi Craike

    Thanks to Vodafail, I can’t see a damned thing >:(

  5. Are you sure you just had wine? :)

  6. Molly Earles Brewer

    I’ll have what he’s having…

  7. where have you reach…?

  8. Funny!!

  9. Keep it coming! Open another bottle and enlighten us some more, will you?:))

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