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Feb 2011

First album reviews

The long tradition of getting bad reviews by Darrly Sterdan continues. So nothing new or surprising there…

A better review of the album can be found at the Ground Control Mag. At this site you can also listen to a new track of the album! Check it out here.


  1. this is zep….alll over!

  2. Darrly who??? Doesn’t take much to make a career out of putting someones hard work down. People like that deep down wish they could more like you I think.

  3. It’s worth investigating who she gives good reviews to, they’ll no doubt be dire!!

  4. Well you wouldn’t want to keel over from shock if that changed….so it is all good :)

  5. paulonious

    Sterdan is a douche.

  6. Bekah Reist

    Sterdan wouldn’t know brilliant music if bitch slapped him upside the head. ;-)

  7. Sabadecade

    You either love it or you hate it…
    I love it!

  8. Lamenting_Badger

    Obviously Sterdan has these old misguided views that somehow Jeff Martin is Jim Morrison. He obviously can’t get over that fact. Did you notice any word about the music in that review?? Not a sentence about the music. Just some pure rubbish….I can’t believe I just said rubbish

  9. Brandon Churchill

    The sound is a bit of different and I don’t think most of these critics are intelligent enough most of the time to understand different music styles. Jeff has been saying that the sound is a bit american southern, I personally love it!

  10. bjacko

    Sterdan your a fuckwit!

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